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Home News Lebanon. Authorities censor caricature of Khamenei in "International Mail"

Lebanon. Authorities censor caricature of Khamenei in "International Mail"

The last issue of International mail was the subject of censorship by the Lebanese authorities: a caricature representing the Iranian supreme guide was covered with opaque gray stickers in the copies sold on the spot.

Last week, International mail proposed a special report dedicated to the 40 years of the Islamic revolution in Iran and its consequences on the Middle East today. Although the number was distributed in Lebanon, a caricature in the file representing Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, was censored. "One more chisel of the censorship office of the General Security", the Lebanese daily tells us L'Orient-Le Jour.

The drawing by Marco De Angelis, originally published in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, shows Khamenei's turban sending lightning bolts to Iranian protesters. "If in general, the SG applies censorship in accordance with the law which condemns the "attacks" on religion, in this case, it is a criticism of the political power of Ayatollah Khamenei ", written East-The Day. The caricature was covered with opaque gray stickers.

The Lebanese newspaper reports that these censures are regular in the country, several French newspapers having seen their pages torn off (The Obs) or their hidden caricatures (The chained Duck). "The Office of the censorship of the General Security regularly undermines publications or artistic creations especially when it considers that these last notably attack the religion, or that they constitute a normalization with Israel", Explain L'Orient-Le Jour.

Our number is to discover in full online.


For a long time, the French-speaking daily of Beirut, born in 1970 from a merger The East and The day, was the perfect illustration of the French and Christian "Papal Lebanon" that the civil war was going to make a mockery of. departure


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