LeBarón Massacre: Mexican crime with US weapons


The Mexican Security Cabinet pointed to the criminal gang of Ciudad Juárez known as “La Línea”, as possible responsible for the Monday massacre of the LeBarón family. According to the Government, on Monday morning that band and “Los Salazar”, a rival group, clashed in the border town of Agua Prieta, in Sonora, which borders Arizona, in the United States. According to the first investigations, the members of “La Línea” sent a group to the place where the attack later occurred to prevent members of “Los Salazar” from entering Chihuahua, a state they consider their territory. At the moment, a direct attack is ruled out, although this version is still under investigation and is not official. After the tour on Tuesday the members of the federal cabinet in the area of ​​the attacks, bullet caps were found whose analysis led to the conclusion that the weapons used come from the United States.



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