LeBron’s ultra-dry crop in front of the press

Right in the storm, the Lakers are being attacked from all sides, including in the media. A trend that does not please LeBron James at all, who let go at a press conference. If that’s not annoyance on his part…

22 wins for 23 losses, a deleterious atmosphere around the Crypto.com Arena and a pitiful performance recently against the Pacers (110-104 defeat): the Lakers could hardly go through a worse pass currently. Nothing is going well with the Pourpres et Ors, and in this kind of case, scapegoats are quickly identified so that we hit them. Here, their identity is beyond doubt…

Indeed, coach Frank Vogel and Russell Westbrook are the symbols of California’s failure in 2021-22, each showing themselves unable to raise the bar. Do not count on the players to berate them at the microphone of the journalists, however, and certainly not LeBron James. Present at a press conference, the winger was cash on the question… by refusing to answer it concretely:

I’m not here to point fingers or blame or try to put a quote at the end or beginning of someone’s comment about what they think our coaching staff is, or how I feel about it. -vis de Frank, or where is Russell, or where I am, or Anthony Davis.

Clearly, the King wasn’t in the mood to talk about all this, he who also has to shoulder some of the blame. After all, this superteam was also built on his wishes, and he was the one who pushed for certain players to be recruited, notably the Brodie. In order to make things clear, LBJ also violently attacked journalists by questioning their way of approaching the subject:

LeBron: “I’m not going to sh*t on Vogel or Westbrook”

If it’s not positive for me, I’m cool. It’s not my way. I am not a negative person. So if you have anything to ask me besides trying to shit on someone, I’ll answer. Which I probably don’t. Looks like you’re all in “we’re gonna fuck off” mode right now.

In other words, stop asking me these questions in an attempt to blame me. At the same time, another reaction would have been surprising on his part, because it is imperative to show as much stability as possible. Playing off each other is not in their best interests at all, with the Angelinos already on the brink. No need to rush into it yourself…

The nervousness of LeBron James is visibly about to reach its climax. It remains to be seen what the Lakers will do in the next few hours. A departure from Westbrook seems utopian, unlike a dismissal from Frank Vogel.