Leclerc touched the podium before seeing the reality of Ferrari

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After a magnificent qualifying in which Charles Leclerc miraculously placed the SF1000 in fifth position and a start in which the Ferrari driver placed third, Ferrari’s lousy pace sent the Monegasque falling positions at forced marches to finish in 8th place, thanks in part to Räikkönen’s suspension.

A dream that he couldn’t fight for

Despite placing third at the start of the race, Charles Leclerc could not fight for his third podium of the season: “This was one of the most difficult races from a mental point of view, because I had a good start, I did everything I had to do, but there was not enough race pace and the balance was not good. I had problems with the car in general and it was strange, yesterday in qualifying the balance was good, we weren’t that bad “.

After another difficult day for Ferrari, the Monegasque insisted on the importance of continuing to search for the problems of the SF1000: We have to keep working, of course. It’s hard but I’m still motivated and I can’t wait to get back to the car in Russia. I just want to understand, rather, we have to understand what happens to this car and do something about it, because that is very difficult.

On the other hand, the young Monaco-born driver acknowledged that he expects improvements sooner rather than later: “I’m sure there will be updates. The team is working hard to bring new features to the car. Although it is obvious that we first have to understand what is wrong in order to make updates, but they will come soon.”.

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The word surrender is not in the dictionary

Finally, Charles Leclerc acknowledged that they must keep pushing, however complicated it may be: “This weekend I am happy with the lap we did in qualifying yesterday. The balance was good. Looking at the race, there is not much positive. The team must remain positive, I am it. I repeat, we can’t give up now, or ever. We continue working, but surely this is a very difficult moment “.

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