Leclerc weighs the options, dried Hamilton ice cream k

Max Verstappen won his seventh victory of the season at the Formula 1 French Grand Prix. Ferrari once again played a role in the new triumph of the defending champion, more specifically Charles Leclerc, who lost a lot of points this time, but that’s not the only reason why fans of the Italian stable can be sad. Some have deciphered what it would take for Verstappen to be less successful this year – but this answer is also related to Ferrari. Lewis Hamilton couldn’t drink at the race in Le Castellet, he at least got an ice cream after being waved off. Here are the F1 highlights from the French GP!

THE FERRARI TACTICS STILL WORKED ON SATURDAY. Carlos Sainz Jr. started the race weekend in France with the knowledge that he would definitely not be able to start from the position he obtained during qualifying on Sunday. Shortly before qualifying, it also became certain that Sainz could only start the race from the last row due to the replacement of even more power components, but he could at least help his team-mate who was driving to the pole position in Q3.

ANOTHER HEARTBREAKING SCENE FROM LECLERC. Although he could not shake off Max Verstappen after the start, Charles Leclerc led the race until he slipped at turn 11. This time, however, he dropped a lot of points mainly due to his own fault, for which he took responsibility after the race and admitted that if he makes such mistakes, he might not deserve the world championship title.

TIMING IS NOT FERRARI’S STRENGTH. One of the most exciting battles of the race at Paul Ricard came on lap 36, when Sainz attacked Sergio Pérez for third position. However, during the overtaking maneuver, Ferrari came up with the idea of ​​challenging their competitor to change a wheel. Not surprisingly, Sainz quickly shook off the engineer who spoke to him.

THIS YEAR’S MERCEDES WOULD BE BETTER THAN THIS. Although both Mercedes drivers were able to stand on the podium at the end of the French Grand Prix, the chances of victory still seem slim for the team that has dominated the last few years. However, looking at Ferrari’s performances in recent weeks, we wouldn’t be surprised if Leclerc considered his options.

THE ONLY ANTIDOTE TO VERSTAPPEN. Although Red Bull had a somewhat difficult start to the season, due to Ferrari’s technical and other errors, as well as Verstappen’s strong performance, the defending champion is starting to pull away in the world championship points race. His advantage over Leclerc is now 63 points, but some have realized that Verstappen’s dominance could be curbed – if he also had to compete for Ferrari.

NO WATER AT 32 DEGREE, THROUGH 53 ROUNDS. Lewis Hamilton completed a difficult race in Le Castellet: his hydration system did not work during the heat race. In such a situation, a competitor can lose up to three kilograms during a competition, and the exhausted seven-time world champion was not surprisingly waiting for the award ceremony from a special position in the so-called “cool-down room”.

Among other things, Hamilton had to fulfill his obligations to the press after the stressful race, but Will Buxton, one of the Formula 1 reporters, was prepared and offered the ice cream from a cooler bag to the runner who finished in second place.

NORRIST IS NOT CONFUSED BY THE BAD RATIO. Verstappen took the 27th victory of his career, which puts him in eighth place in the all-time ranking, tied with Jackie Stewart. Lando Norris also “congratulated” the new success after running into Verstappen on the way home.

1. Max Verstappen holland Red Bull-Honda 1:30:02.112
2. Lewis Hamilton brit Mercedes 10.587 mp h.
3. George Russell brit Mercedes 16.495 mp h.
4. Sergio Perez Mexican Red Bull-Honda 17.310 mp h.
5. Carlos Sainz Spanish Ferrari 28.872 mp h.
6. Fernando Alonso Spanish Alpine-Renault 42.879 mp h.
7. Lando Norris brit McLaren-Mercedes 52.026 mp h.
8. Stephen Ocon France Alpine-Renault 56.959 mp h.
9. Daniel Ricciardo Australian McLaren-Mercedes 1:00.372 p h.
10. Lance Stroll Canadian Aston Martin-Mercedes 1:02.549 p h.
11. Sebastian Vettel German Aston Martin-Mercedes 1:04.494 p h.
12. Pierre Gasly France AlphaTauri-Honda 1:05.448 p h.
13. Alexander Albon Thai Williams-Mercedes 1:08.565 p h.
14. Valtteri Bottas finn Alfa Romeo-Ferrari 1:16.666 p h.
15. Mick Schumacher German Haas-Ferrari 1:20.394 p h.
16. Csou Kuan-jü Chinese Alfa Romeo-Ferrari 6 runs h.
17. Nicholas Latifi Canadian Williams-Mercedes 13 runs h.
18. Kevin Magnussen paste Haas-Ferrari 16 runs h.
19. Charles Leclerc Monaco Ferrari 36 runs h.
20. Cunoda Juki Japan AlphaTauri-Honda 36 runs h.
1. Max Verstappen 7 9 10 3 233
2. Charles Leclerc 3 5 9 3 170
3. Sergio Perez 1 6 10 2 163
4. Carlos Sainz 1 6 10 2 144
5. George Russell 4 11 143
6. Lewis Hamilton 5 11 1 127
7. Lando Norris 1 9 1 70
8. Stephen Ocon 9 56
9. Valtteri Bottas 7 46
10. Fernando Alonso 8 37
11. Kevin Magnussen 5 22
12. Daniel Ricciardo 5 19
13. Pierre Gasly 3 16
14. Sebastian Vettel 4 15
15. Mick Schumacher 2 12
16. Cunoda Juki 3 11
17. Csou Kuan-jü 2 5
18. Lance Stroll 4 4
19. Alexander Albon 2 3
1. Red Bull-Honda 396
2. Ferrari 314
3. Mercedes 270
4. Alpine-Renault 93
5. McLaren-Mercedes 89
6. Alfa Romeo-Ferrari 51
7. Haas-Ferrari 34
8. AlphaTauri-Honda 27
9. Aston Martin-Mercedes 19
10. Williams-Mercedes 3