LED wall replaces almost every location

Dhe big world is in Offenbach At home anyway, reality now extends a little further: Extended Reality, or XR for short, is the name of the technology that is currently driving the creative industry. And the entrance to this expanded reality has been in the Offenbacher’s atrium since the beginning of September Messe.

The LED wall, which is constructed like half a room and which the Frankfurt-based company Satys & Fy and the Offenbach-based communications agency CPP Studios put into the exhibition hall, is 90 square meters. 8.382 million pixels fit on the 4.50 meter high giant surface. That was enough for great cinema and football evenings, but the purpose is different. The huge LED screen replaces green screen technology in film production and is probably way ahead of it: while with green screens the actor or speaker appears in front of an empty green studio wall and the desired environment later has to be digitally inserted on the computer, the LED -Wall played in this environment right away. The actors actually have the scenery in front of or behind them. In addition, reality and the virtual world are linked via interactive cameras and software: “If the person is in Paris and starts walking, the street scene changes too,” explains Marina Gänßle from CPP Studios GmbH, which is now offering the new studio to customers.


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