Lee Dong-wook of’Gumiho Dian’ who swallowed the body of the Imoogi and jumped into the Samdocheon to protect her girlfriend Jo Boa (video)


[인사이트] Reporter Lee Won-seon =’Gumiho’ Lee Dong-wook threw himself into Samdocheon while holding Italy.

In tvN’Gumihodian’ broadcast on the 2nd, Lee Yeon (played by Dong-wook Lee) swallowed scales to move the body of the Imoogi that entered Nam Ji-ah (played by Jo Boa) into her body.

Immediately, Imoogi’s scales began to sprout on Lee Yeon’s body, and Lee Yeon struggled with pain.

Lee Moo-gi (Italian) was delighted to know that her body was in her body, but Lee-yeon shot, saying, “It’s my gift. If the half gets weak, you get weak,” and announced that she ate evening primroses in advance.


Lee Yeon attacked while the Imoogi was weakened, and the two fought fiercely.

Lee Yeon hugged the Imoogi and threw a sword at Lee Rang (played by Kim Beom).

Lee Yeon persuaded him, “I will change into an Imoogi soon. So that I can be myself. Please save me.”

Lee Rang, who was worried, shed tears and swung his sword at Lee Yeon and Lee Moo-gi.


Lee Yeon said “I’m laughing. No one can come back from Samdocheon” to Imoogi, who threatens “I’ll be born again. I’ll find her again even if I’m born again.” He hugged him and threw himself into the Samdocheon.

The leftovers of Rang and Nam Jia were fierce.

Nam Jia said, “He laughed. As if he was lucky to save me. This is his happy ending. It seems that the word love was heard at the end.”

On the other hand, the final episode of tvN’Gumiho’ will air today (3rd) at 10:30 pm.


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