Left faction rejects the formation of a dual leadership

Dhe left-wing faction in the state parliament of Saxony-Anhalt does not want to set up a dual leadership. This was announced by a spokesman for the parliamentary group on Tuesday. The election for the leadership of the parliamentary group with only one leader was decided without a dissenting vote. It is scheduled to take place on June 14th.

The parliamentary group is thus opposed to a decision by the state party conference in March. The delegates had asked the parliamentary group to form a dual leadership. Since the state elections in June 2021, Eva von Angern has been the sole leader of the parliamentary group, her deputies are Thomas Lippmann and Christina Buchheim. Before the election date, von Angern led the parliamentary group as part of a dual leadership with the former trade unionist Lippmann.

After the defeat in the state elections, there was some criticism of the work of the state parliamentary group. Von Angern rejected this and demanded respectful treatment. The new election of the parliamentary group leadership is planned for the left parliamentary group by statute one year after the election date.