‘Left-jihadi alliance behind extra tax on foreclosed homes’; Casa with hate campaign

Kochi: CASA (Christian Association and Alliance for Social Action) says ‘Left-Jihadist’ alliance behind budget decision to impose special tax on closed houses. As the owners are abroad with their families, most of the houses in Kerala are closed without occupancy, belonging to the Christian community. Casa alleged that the Kerala government has made a move through this year’s budget to help the jihadists’ goal of buying these houses and lands at cheap prices and entering Christian areas where such houses are abundant.

Land tax, building tax, electricity charge, water charge etc. are being paid correctly even if the owners are abroad. Casa’s Facebook post asks why the extra tax was imposed on the foreclosed houses even though the government got everything it was entitled to.

Once a person buys a vehicle and pays all the taxes on it year after year it is up to him whether he drives it or not. What is the justification for saying that if it is not driven, it should be taxed more? The home owner pays all taxes exactly like everyone else. The government also receives non-tax on his money from abroad. Sometimes he comes once a year, sometimes he comes for six months, and the government doesn’t care. Casa stated that they will approach the court against this.