Legal consultant “dissociates” the Presidency of Jean Alain from being prevented from leaving

The legal consultant to the Executive Power, Antoliano Peralta, reiterated that President Luis Abinader “has nothing to do” with the prosecution of the public prosecutor’s office and in that sense he does not know why the ex-attorney Jean Alain Rodríguez was prevented from leaving.

In calling the program Sol de los Sábado, on the Zol 106.5 station, the official with a seat in the National Palace, defined himself as “respectful of the laws.”

“I am a legal professional and a citizen who advocates for compliance with the law and the law. What has happened with the former attorney is a matter for the Public Ministry and at this moment I do not know the details, much less if there was order or not for that impediment, “said Peralta.

The government advisor insisted that Luis Abinader, since he became president, was emphatic that his government would respect the independence of the public prosecutor’s office and at the time of swearing in Miriam German and Yeni Berenice, he told them that “they would only have to obey the laws and codes of justice ”.

Antoliano Peralta stressed that as a citizen and in his professional life, he has always advocated respect for the laws and now he will not change because he occupies a position that is transitory, “because power is short and temporary.”

Regarding the impediment to leave the former attorney Jean Alain Rodríguez, the legal consultant of the Executive Branch indicated that by not handling all the details of said action, he cannot say whether or not there was a violation, but clarified that if there is no order, “it could derive that there was some violation ”.

Yesterday, Jean Alain Rodríguez confirmed that he was prevented from traveling to the United States, “without an impediment to leaving the country”.

Rodríguez spoke with the evening newspaper El Nacional, to whom he pointed out that “an exit impediment is only placed on people against whom a measure of coercion has been issued.”