Legal dispute between Twitter and the Crown Estate – Netzwelt

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London (dpa) – A legal dispute is emerging between the social media group Twitter and a real estate company closely associated with the British royal family over alleged rent arrears. The property manager Crown Estate, which manages the real estate and land holdings of the British crown of the same name, has taken legal action against Twitter, according to information from the German Press Agency on Tuesday.

Accordingly, it is about outstanding payments for rented office space near London’s Piccadilly Circus. British media had previously reported on the legal dispute. On request, Twitter initially did not comment on the allegations.

Although the Crown Estate is considered crown property, it is not privately owned by the British monarch. The proceeds from this go to the state. However, the amount of money provided for the maintenance of royal castles and estates and other official tasks – the Sovereign Grant – is directly linked to the proceeds from the Crown Estate.

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