Legal Medicine delivered the body of prosecutor Marcelo Pecci to a funeral home in Cartagena

The body of Marcelo Pecci, the Paraguayan anti-mafia prosecutor who was assassinated this Tuesday in Barú, has already been delivered by Legal Medicine to a funeral home in Cartagena.

According to what is known about it, after having carried out the necropsy processes, Pecci’s body was delivered to the Lorduy Funeral Home, Pie del Cerro, where the details are being finalized to repatriate him to Paraguay.

Although the authorities have not yet confirmed whether the repatriation will take place this Thursday or Friday, they did emphasize that the investigative work is continuing to clarify the crime of the anti-mafia prosecutor.

Meanwhile, El Tiempo indicated that among the evidence collected on the Barú beach where the homicide occurred, there are some “vanilla bits from a 9-millimeter pistol,” which would coincide with what was recorded in the Forensic Medicine report.

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It should be remembered that the Colombian Police stated that behind the homicide that occurred last Tuesday morning, on a private beach at the Decameron Barú hotel, there was a system of transnational crime.

In this regard, the Deputy Attorney General of the Nation, Martha Janeth Mancera, assured that the main hypothesis that they are currently handling is that Pecci’s murder is related to the function that he led against the networks dedicated to international drug trafficking.

In addition, the Deputy Prosecutor was emphatic that they are working in cooperation with the authorities of the United States and Paraguay because, as she stressed, it is an investigation that seeks to clarify a crime that has affected several countries.

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“It’s a tragedy”: US Ambassador to Colombia

The United States ambassador to Colombia, Philip Goldberg, referred to the murder of the Paraguayan prosecutor, which he described as a tragedy.

Goldberg stated that, although the Colombian authorities are leading the investigation, the United States is willing to contribute so that the crime is soon solved.

“What happened in Barú is a tragedy. The investigation is carried out by the Colombian Police and by the authorities here,” said the Ambassador.