Legal Medicine Headquarters at La Nueva Libertad Health Center in Armenia


In the noon news of Caracol Radio Armenia, The manager of Red Salud Armenia José Antonio Correa confirmed that the loan agreement with the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences has already been signed for five years for this institution to have its headquarters in the La Nueva Libertad Health Center in the south of the city.

It should be remembered that last week The National Director of Legal Medicine Jorge Arturo Jiménez Pájaro visited the health center facilities together with the directors of Red Salud where it hopes to have the administrative offices, forensic clinic service, pathology, psychiatry, evidence center and morgue.

The Redsalud manager pointed out “we have this health center underutilized, and for that reason We saw fit to make an agreement with Legal Medicine, so that the administrative headquarters and the other services of this entity are transferred, I understand that the south is where the services of this institution are most demanded ”

On morgue municipal the health network manager clarified

In the southern hospital we are making an investment and an adaptation to have a morgueWe hope to finish it at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2024, because the conditions of the Calarcá morgue are not adequate and the city needs that space”

About La Nueva Libertad health center and a morgue the manager noted:

The Nueva Libertad health center has a lot, but it will already be Legal Medicine who determines with all the legal, environmental and other permits If it is possible to build the morgue at that point, but it is the responsibility of Legal Medicine, the adaptations of the health center will be for administrative work “

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