Legal Medicine identified 25 of the 52 victims in Tuluá prison | Judicial

Legal Medicine confirmed that it has identified 25 of the 52 victims of the fire in the Tuluá prison and the delivery of the bodies takes place in that municipality and in Cali.

There are 14 work teams made up of doctors, anthropologists, dentists, lophoscopists, x-ray technicians and forensic assistants, which carry out the comprehensive forensic approach to the bodies received

LThe remaining victims continue in the autopsy and identification process by specialized interdisciplinary teams. The results will be reported to the prosecutors leading the investigation; and identities will be revealed in the coming days.

These are the identified victims:

• Víctor Rincón Corrales, 36 years old.

• Brayan Pulgarín González, 30 years old.

• Freddy Alberto Puentes Acero, 20 years old.

• Carlos Andrés Vélez Mejía, 24 years old.

• Luis Javier Cardona Bravo, 46 ​​years old.

• Duver Herney Perea Castaño, 38 years old.

• Óscar Eduardo Bernal Gómez, 37 years old.

• Óscar Andrés Romero, 42 years old.

• Jeisman Andrés López Vaquero, 25 years old.

• Haiver Yusseth Chestnut Ortega, 29 years old.

• Jhojan Estiven Jurado Rendon, 19 years old.

• Daniel Andrés Ríos Garavito, 25 years old.

• John Hurtado Moreno, 21 years old.

• Jorge Andrés Bonilla Pedraza, 29 years old.

• Jhonatan Sabogal, 30 years old.

• Cesar Adrián Zambrano Guerrero, 28 years old.

• Larry Arroyo Castillo, 35 years old.

• Alejandro Agudelo Reyes, 45 years old.

• John Edward Gómez Mina, 37 years old.

• Eneferson Montaño Victoria, 21 years old.

• Mario Javier Benavidez Amaya, 53 years old.

• Juan Camilo López, 22 years old.

• César Augusto Calzada Mina, 25 years old.

• Jhony Alexander Hernández Noreña, 34 years old.

• Jonathan Stiven Monsalve Ossa, 25 years old.