Legendary Bulgarian furious with participant in “Get Rich”

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Rumen Ivanov

The legend of the Bulgarian airwaves and “Minuta e mnogo” Dimo ​​Padalski is furious with a participant in “Get Rich”. The encyclopedia man, who has an answer to every question in the world, talked about a blunder in the show, hosted by the actor Mikhail Bilalov.

“I start watching the tape “Get Rich” and the first participant is Rumen Ivanov. I don’t know him, but they tell me that I was his teacher. He introduced himself by saying that he won the bass with Dimo ​​Padalski. The host asks him what he was like the bass. Roumen said the bass was about where Hamlet’s castle was. I certainly haven’t caught a bass like that because I know very well where Hamlet’s castle is! I’ve never caught a bass like that with anyone,” said Padalski, who is extremely surprised by the situation.

In fact, the castle is located on the northeastern tip of the Danish island of Shelland, at the narrowest point of the Øresund strait separating Denmark from Sweden.

Mr. Google admits that he is puzzled as to how anyone could make up such a story. To the assumption that the participant in “Get Rich” can simply build an image, Padalski answers categorically: “Yes, but doesn’t he think that he can be easily caught”.

Four years ago, the “One Minute Is Too Much” legend managed to catch a wrongly asked question on Get Rich.

“The question was incorrect which is the only continent that is in the four hemispheres. The possible answers were Europe, Africa, North and South America. The answer was Africa, and the truth is that Asia is also in the 4 hemispheres – North, South, East and Western”, commented Padalski then for “Bulgaria Dnes”.

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