Legislative 2022: how did we vote in Colomiers?

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In Colomiers, the candidate NUPES Fabien JOUVE is in the majority and wins the support of 54.97% of voters who voted during the second round of the 2022 legislative elections.

During the second round of the 2022 legislative elections, those registered in Colomiers gave the majority of their votes to Fabien JOUVE (New popular ecological and social union (NUPES)), who received 54.97% of the votes. The second position goes to outgoing MP Monique IBORRA (Together!), who obtains a result of 45.03%.

Mr. JOUVE had already collected a higher score at the end of the first round of Colomiers with 34.68% of the votes, against 28.74% for Mrs. IBORRA. It seems that the candidate New popular ecological and social union also benefited from a favorable vote carryover, since he benefits from the carryover of 2,018 votes while his competitor Together! (Presidential Majority) receives only 1,613 more.

52.44% of voters in the municipality put a ballot in the ballot box. This is a lower result than that of the first round (53.73%).

There are 4.04% of blank votes and 2.9% of invalid votes among the votes of the municipality. We had counted 1.57% of white votes and 0.8% of invalid votes in the first round.

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