Legislative: a photo of Pascale Lagorce sows trouble at France 3 Occitanie

The photo despairs the Toulouse journalists of France 3 Occitanie: their editor-in-chief, Pascale Lagorce, appears alongside the candidate LR in the 1st district of Tarn, Rodolphe Pirès. This photo, posted on Pascale Lagorce’s Facebook page, expresses all the complicity and complicity that exists between them. We will look in vain for the slightest journalistic distance…

The snapshot was taken on the sidelines of the debate organized on May 17 by France 3 Occitanie between four candidates from this 1st district of Tarn. But Pascale Lagorce did not shoot with the three competitors of Rodolphe Pirès… or, at the very least, she did not publish them. Unequal treatment between participants in the debate that raises questions.

This debate was controversial even before it started since some candidates were not invited. Roland Gilles (various right), dissatisfied, seized the supervisory body, the Regulatory Authority for Audiovisual and Digital Communication (Arcom).

Jean-Michel Baylet and Sébastien Vincini too

Why this preferential regime for Rodolphe Pirès? Like Pascale Lagorce, the candidate worked as a sports journalist and commented on rugby league (and also XV) on the antennae of Sport+ or beIN Sports. The brother and sister have probably known each other for a long time and have frequented the same press galleries. If last year, Rodolphe Pirès went “to the other side” by launching into the electoral competition, Pascale Lagorce apparently still does not see him as a politician like any other.

This photo has precedents: on July 21, Pascale Lagorce was already posing all smiles in The Dispatch alongside Jean-Michel Baylet, press boss and regional potentate. To top it off, the editor-in-chief of France 3 Occitanie, very lively this week, also displayed her closeness to other elected officials in the region. Thursday, May 19, she composes on Twitter an ode to the glory of Sébastien Vincini, who left the head of the PS 31 federation that day while remaining number 2 of the national PS and first vice-president of Haute-Garonne. “Forever memories of the night you were elected @SebVincini. That evening, in front of the photo of Jaurès, I discovered a beautiful person, a committed man. All these years following you and each time, you have responded to our requests. Thank you sir. Good road ! »

In his response, the person concerned is a little mocking: “Thank you. You will have many opportunities to invite me. On the site of the local public service television, the journalists are dismayed: if the independence of Pascale Lagorce appears as a vast joke, this has repercussions on all the writing.

Bruno Vincens

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