legislative candidates 2022 1st circus of Toulouse

Legislative 2022: The 1st constituency of Haute-Garonne.

The battle has begun for the June legislative elections in the 1st district of Haute-Garonne. In this space of more than 150,000 inhabitants including part of Toulouse, Blagnac and Cornebarrieu. The renaissance group, ex LREM, dropped the outgoing deputy to prefer Pierre Baudis, son and grandson of!

A name that resonates in Toulouse but the person concerned does not want to play this card. The other candidates remain indifferent to the name Baudis

Everyone wants to be close and to serve the public.

In addition to the question of purchasing power, it is the question of the airport that tenses the candidates.

At Renaissance, one immediately attacks its competitor of Left, Nupes, on the aeronautics.

And on the right, we directly attack a political group: The LFI.

On the side of Nupes, the link between ecology, economy and social is central.

All the candidates of the 1st constituency will face each other in the first round of the legislative elections set for June 12th.

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