Legislative elections 2022 (2nd round): the results in Bron

Metropolis of Lyon. Alexandre Vincendet leads this second round in Bron with a score of 56.36%, ahead of Abdelkader Lahmar. He is elected member of the 7th constituency of the Rhône and will sit in the National Assembly.

The results in Bron and not at the level of the constituency

Number of registered voters: 23,559

Abstention rate: 53.51%

White votes: 2.86%

Invalid votes: 1.08%

PartiCandidate (s)Number of voices% cast
NUPESAbdelkader Lahmar593043,64
LRAlexandre Vincendet4 59256,36

The results of the 1st round

Abdelkader Lahmar (Nupes) 30.99% – Alexandre Vincendet (LR) 23.86% – Anissa Khedher (Together) 17.29% – Tiffany Joncour (RN) 11.36% – Stéphane Gomez (DVG) 5.35%