Legislative : Henri Guaino standing up in front of NKM in the 2nd district of Paris

Henri Guaino filed Friday in the end of the day his candidacy.

He will challenge his former ally Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, official candidate of The Republican Union of democrats and independent (LR-IDU). Henri Guaino, mp-LR outbound Yvelines and former pen of Nicolas Sarkozy, is a candidate in the legislative elections in the 2e district of Paris (Ve arrondissement and part of VIe VIIe), reported Friday, may 19 night several sources LR to the AFP.

Mr. Guaino, 60 years ago, that his party had refused to grant the investiture in the 3e district of Yvelines, of which he is the member of parliament since 2012, has filed Friday in the end of the day its nomination in this riding, currently held by former prime minister François Fillon.

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The official list of all candidates in legislative elections of 11 and 18 June will be made public on Monday by the ministry of the interior. But the name of Henri Guaino appears alive and well in the provisional list – subject to validation by the department, candidates in the capital provided Friday night by the prefecture of Paris.

Twenty-four candidates face off

After winning the primary right to the presidential election, François Fillon, had decided to give up his constituency to his former minister Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet. A decision that had provoked the anger of elected officials LR Paris, the mayor of the VIIe Rachida Dati denouncing a ” drop “, while others deplored the fact that the ex-candidate for mayor of Paris leaves the 11e district nearby, where she had been elected in the local elections of 2014, for this bastion of the right.

in The end, the party is not going to be that easy for Mme Kosciusko-Morizet in this 2e district, where, in addition to the nomination of Mr. Guaino, she will face another dissident in the person of the mayor LR VIe arrondissement, Jean-Pierre Lecoq, well-established in this part of the capital.

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also, Mme Kosciusko-Morizet, who had signed the call of elected representatives of the right and the center-to-enter ” the outstretched hand “ of the president and Emmanuel Macron, finds himself facing a candidate from The Republic on, Gilles, The Son-in-law. She had hoped these past few days that the presidential party would finally no candidate against it, as is the case in the face of other persons of the right, as Bruno Le Maire, or Franck Riester. In total, the 2e district of Paris will compete against 24 candidates on June 11.

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