Legislative: in Rodez, the RN presents a candidate from … Lunel (Hérault)

This Wednesday, the RN departmental referent, Bruno Leleu, was in Rodez to present the candidates of Marine Le Pen’s party in the first constituency. But the Decazevillois, candidate on the second, was accompanied only by the “alternate”, Roméo Cantagrel, 47, wine merchant in Saint-Geniez-d’Olt. And for good reason: the designated candidate for North Aveyron is Julia Plane, municipal councilor in Lunel in Hérault where she was retained “professionally”.

Also elected to the Region, would this 30-year-old be “parachuted” to take the post of a deputy in Aveyron? “When it’s an LREM candidate, oddly we never talk about parachuting”defends himself from the outset Bruno Leleu. “For years, we have been criticized for sending paperless candidates. This time, we have chosen someone who knows the files very well and with elected experience.he explains again.

Mazars “the contortionist”, Thébault “the carp and the rabbit”…

Before the talkative entrepreneur already started the battle on this constituency without forgetting to scratch his opponents: Stéphane Mazars “a political contortionist, who excels in communication more than action”Leon Thebault “the Nupes candidate, a mixture of carp and rabbit, pro-hunting, pro-nuclear and anti-everything” or Magali Bessaou “candidate of a departmental council who only has LR in name and does not dare to call herself a macronist”

As for the program, the RN says it wants to move forward on two legs: one social and the other sovereign. “I want to tell all of this peripheral France represented by the first constituency to try a deputy from home. It will be worth four from LREM! What has changed in our lives after five years of Mazars? Has purchasing power increased? Are there more doctors? Is the price of gasoline lower? » It remains to be seen when Julia Plane will come to carry this word in the constituency? ” Very quickly “, assures Bruno Leleu, who even promises the arrival “of a personality” in Rodez during the campaign.

In 2017, RN candidate Matthieu Danen had won 7.43% in the constituency.

Leleu tackles the “distance” of Deguara

If Bruno Leleu assumes the parachuting of his candidate on the first constituency, the departmental referent RN does not hesitate to tackle his competitor from the second, the Aveyronnais Samuel Deguara (LREM) installed in Paris for several years. “What does he know about our department, he who two years ago was running for the municipal election of Paris? He who has been sailing for more than 20 years from post to post within the highest authorities of the Republic? »And to conclude: “I invite voters to send Mr. Deguara back by plane to Paris as of June 12. By plane, unfortunately, because there is no longer a direct train. But does he know? »

The latter may nevertheless retort that there is no direct train to Hérault either…