Legislative in the Hérault: Pierre Polard as a defender of public services for villages

In the 5th constituency, the mayor of Capestang (LFI) is the Nupes candidate.

“It’s a national election. We have a government program, resulting from the agreement (Nupes). And it is a question of designating the elected representatives of the nation who vote the laws”cowardly in the preamble Pierre Polard, LFI mayor of Capestang, legislative candidate for the 5th district of Hérault.

“Because our adversaries – Philippe Huppé (outgoing LREM MP), Stéphanie Galzy (RN) in particular – tend to make this ballot a local election. To hide the fact that they have nothing to offer.” For this elected since 2014 at the head of Capestang, already a candidate for the legislative elections in 2017, the challenge is however simple: “Are we leaving full powers to Emmanuel Macron for five years?”

At his side, his substitute Laurie Lèbre, who lives in Bédarieux, fully shares the approach: “We are aiming for a majority in the National Assembly to apply our program and respond to the social emergency.”

The 5th constituency is the largest and most rural

“Afterwards, we are not above ground, I am anchored in this territory”, continues Pierre Polard, who is also vice-president of the Community of Southern Hérault communes, in charge of the economy and finance. “The 5th precinct is the largest and most rural.” For him, one of the priorities will therefore be to carry the file of defense of public services. “One in three people abandons an online process. We have to get back to the human.”

On the issue of medical desertification, he also has a lot to say: “We have four doctors employed by the municipality since 2016 and it is important to me to generalize the workforce.”

“That’s all that we are going to carry, places in nursery too. It’s very concrete. But public services, the RN does not talk about it, it does not know what it is. As for LREM, they know what it is but to break it”, swings the candidate who already has many public meetings to his credit and a well-rehearsed speech. In 2017, he had made almost 17% and had not qualified for the second round. This time the context is different”…

“Won back the angry not fascists”

Beyond its rural aspect, the 5th circo has another particularity: “She is one of the 10% where the RN made its biggest score. One of our missions is therefore to bring back to us the angry not fascistsexplains Pierre Polard. We want to explain to them that if they vote RN, they vote against their interest. “It is a question of responding to this anger of the population which expresses it in the RN vote, we want to recover them, we have solutions. And we need a political response to their anger because, otherwise, it will be expressed by means other than voting.