Legislative: Taha bouhafs replaced in the Rhône

This Wednesday, May 11, La France Insoumise announced the replacement for Taha Bouhafs in the 14th district of the Rhône.

La France Insoumise has chosen the replacement for Taha Bouhafs in the 14th constituency of the Rhône: it isa deputy of the communist mayor of VénissieuxMichèle Picard, who was seeking the nomination of the Nupes.

Idir Boumertit is the 4th deputy mayor of the PCF, in charge of the Major City Project and Heritage. His name appears this Wednesday on the list of candidates for the New Popular, Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) published on the website of La France insoumise.

Mr. Boumertit was the campaign manager of Taha Bouhafs. The militant journalist, supported by LFI, withdrew his candidacy on Tuesday, denouncing “unprecedented attacks” after two weeks of controversy.

The PCF calls for recognizing Michèle Picard as the candidate of the left

The communist mayor of Vénissieux, who entered the campaign last week, hoped to replace him. Welcoming that “reason prevailed”the local PCF had called on Tuesday, in a statement, to “to acknowledge” Michele Picard “like the candidate who can bring together the whole left” facing the outgoing LREM deputy Yves Blein.

“Of course, it is La France insoumise which will choose its candidacy for this constituency and no one else”replied curtly in a tweet Manuel Bompard, campaign manager for Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the presidential election.