LEGO and Nintendo announce Bowser’s Airship set for 100 euros – Image and sound – News

You can make a track with Lego sets / parts. You can set it up to your liking.
Different sets have different ‘power ups’ and actions you can perform.
Through the App you can only keep a kind of high score and show how many coins you have earned.
However, you only have x time to finish your job, so you have to be able to finish everything within that time. It is your own entertainment, you make your own game, if you want to walk 10 times, you can.
You don’t win or lose anything with it.

It’s a pity that you can’t set the time a little longer, meanwhile a few expansions,
but if you are having fun playing with your child with a somewhat longer track, then that 60 seconds (I thought) is just too short to go through all the tricks and events.

the technology in it is that it recognizes what you’re jumping on, it senses if you’re going up,
he can recognize the colors of the stones, red is lava, yellow is sand, green is grass, blue is water. all dolls / bosses / tricks have some kind of sticker that will indicate what it is what it would yield.
simple doll = 1 x jump for point, owner is 5 x jump for 10 points (oid)

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