Leia with a lightsaber in his hand? This is a fantasy situation for many fans of Star Wars, but know that it could have happened in the last film of the saga. Carrie Fisher's brother revealed in an interview that her sister should have been the last Jedi in the Skywalker saga.

J-42 before discovering Star Wars: Skywalker's Ascension in our movie theaters. This last film of the saga Skywalker should have put Leia in the foreground after the prominence of Han Solo in The force awakens and Luke's in The Last Jedi. Unfortunately, Carrie Fisher, Leia's interpreter, died suddenly when she returned from filmingEpisode VIII. After this tragic loss, Disney and Lucasfilm had to review their plans for theEpisode IX. Leia will be present in the film thanks to old rushes from the shooting of the Force Awakens, But she will not have the very important place reserved for her for this ultimate episode of Star Wars.

Today, Todd Fisher, Carrie's brother, reveals thatoriginally Star Wars: Skywalker's Ascension had to show Leia using his powers fully and thus become the last Jedi of the Skywalker saga.

"She was going to be beneficial in the last movie, and she was going to be somehow the last Jedi, and people often tell me, 'Why does not Carrie ever get a lightsaber to cut some bad guys?' Obi-Wan was on top at Carrie's age! "

Carrie Fisher's brother took advantage of his interview to explain why he and his family agreed that the old rushes of Force Awakens are used. They accepted J.J. Abrams's request because Carrie and he had a very strong connection.

"The truth is that JJ was a great friend of Carrie … He had a lot of love for her, there were 8 minutes of cut scenes, they analyzed everything image by image, and then they transformed all that to add to It's a bit magical, it's kind of a reward, it's Carrie who's been talking to us from beyond. "The wonderful thing about the Force concept is that it's There is no real death, you just live in another dimension, in a way Carrie observes us because she is part of us. "

The plans of the Force Awakens should not allow for a Leia with a lightsaber in hand, but there is no doubt that J.J. Abrams should give him a good tribute. For the knowledge, see you on December 18th in your cinemas.


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