Leicht’s hard times: Depression and loneliness! What’s happening?!

Because of her love, she moved to a place she had definitely not thought of as her home. Her partner and the father of her children work as the head of drama at the National Theater of the Moravian-Silesian Region, and therefore Kristýna Leichtová she moved to Ostrava with a heavy heart. How did you get used to these parts?

“It simply came to our notice then, but there was a great depression in the beginning. I’m from the west, from Pilsen, and it’s a completely different nature. Many times I don’t even understand how he speaks, they often don’t understand me. I even bought a dictionary of the Pilsen language to my colleagues in the theater, so they are already getting a little acquainted, “Leichtová revealed according to super.cz.

Kristýna Leichtová: I’m playing action comedies in depression!

Whenever the actress has the opportunity to go to Pilsen or Prague, she does not hesitate and sits on the train. “It is true that now I spend time mainly with children, so I need to be among the people sometimes… So I commute between Ostrava and Prague, either by train or by car,” she added.

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