Lemon Face Challenge: Crowdfunding action to help seriously ill children


Football coach Nick Saban was the first to break into a lemon, supporting Aubreigh’s Army.

D Ank the Ice Bucket Challenge 2014 were over $ 115 million (just under 93 million euros) collected worldwide – the money was used to fight the nervous disease ALS ( Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis ) and effected big steps forward , A similar success now wishes the eleven-year-old Aubreigh Nicholas. Doctors told her in September last year that she has a Diffuse-Intrinsic Ponsglioma (DIPG) – a brain tumor that attaches to the brain stem and occurs mainly in children between the ages of five and nine. Then the girl called in her crowdfunding project ” Aubreigh’s Army “To the Lemon Face Challenge. Currently (April 16, 2018), more than 40,000 US dollars (more than 32,000 euros) have already been collected. Lemon Face Challenge: First Stars bite The Lemon Face Challenge is about biting into a lemon and taking on the reaction. In the meantime, numerous celebrities have taken part in the Challenge in the USA, thus getting the crowdfunding project off the ground. First bite Nick Saban , Football coach of the University of Alabama, in the sour fruit. Saban in turn inspired the baseball team of the Los Angeles Dodgers who took the challenge and in turn nominated the Arizona Diamondbacks. Let’s see if in the next few weeks and months more celebrities bite into a lemon and put their reaction on the web. To make progress in the research of DIPG, one can only hope for that.
Ice Bucket Challenge: Internethype for a good cause

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