Lenovo Launches the First Laptop in the World with Two Screens

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During its participation in the Berlin IFA 2018, Lenovo unveiled a range of its brand of yoga devices, including the slimest and lightest E Ink Yoga Book C930, A new Windows Mobile device and Snapdragon processors from the Lenovo Qualcomm C630, and some smart home devices.

With the Lenovo Yoga Book C930, Lenovo is trying to rewrite the productivity rules on mobile devices by providing two displays, including one that supports E Ink, a customizable, dynamic keyboard with multi-language support for email, report or Turns into a digital notebook that can be used with the latest Bluetooth stylus with Wacom technology.

It can also be converted to electronic ink when you use the device for a long period of time to review the documents, which provides pressure on your eyes, where the device follows the footsteps of the Yoga Book A12, a convertible device introduced by the company during the IFA 2016, where Lenovo abandoned the plate The Halo keys are used in the Yoga Book, replaced by E-ink, which turns from the keyboard into a drawing board and an electronic reader.

The E-ink E-ink keyboard is located on the entire screen when activated, with a small square area at the bottom directly below the distance bar to act as an electronic ink pad. Considering the overall size of the device, the trackpad is still as small as it was in the old device , However, its folding nature gives the rest of the keyboard more free space when not in use, and there are two options for entering information via the trackpad or touch screen.

The device includes Intel 7-generation processors m3-7Y30 or i5-7Y54, with a 10.8-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 2560 × 1600 pixels and a screen of 10.8-inch electronic ink with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels, with 4 GB of RAM, Up to 256GB of SSD internal storage space, 8.6-hour battery life, fingerprint reader and USB Type-C 3.1 ports.

Lenovo has programmed the touch and sound notes on the tablet, and the Yoga Book has the potential to work as an electronic reader. The device comes with an electronic pen that can stick to the side of the device, making it hard to lose. Graphics and formulas drawn on the ink screen to some Windows 10 programs.

Lenovo introduced how to write a sentence on the e-ink screen and transfer it to OneNote, which was quickly converted to written text. The same can be applied to mathematical equations that include numbers, symbols and formulas. The cost of this device is about $ 1150 and will be available from the end September in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The announcement came after two years of difficult sales of desktop and laptop computers, and the market has seen a recovery helped Lenovo, where the Chinese company to increase shipments of computers by 11 percent year on year in the second quarter of 2018, and revenue of Lenovo computers Personal growth of 19.8 percent year-on-year in the three months ended June 30.

Lenovo Launches the First Laptop in the World with Two Screens

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