Home News Lens The body found Friday is that of a man

Lens The body found Friday is that of a man

First certainty since Friday: the body found in the abandoned warehouse at 96, rue Étienne-Dolet in Lens, is a male body. "
Criminal or accidental track, we do not discard any track, provides an investigator of the Interregional Directorate of Judicial Police (DIPJ). We did the maximum with a big police deployment yesterday.

"Worse than a nightmare"

Upon the announcement of the macabre discovery, thoughts immediately turned to Theo Hallez, the 14-year-old Lensois teenager who disappeared in Lens on May 27th. However, it is impossible to assert or refute this hypothesis at this stage of the investigation. "
It's way too stressful, it's worse than a nightmare
This Saturday, the teenager's mother, who says she does not have
not closed the eye of the night
". She was present Friday night rue Etienne-Dolet, behind the rubalises, with many other members of the family. "
The police told us we would be set Monday. "

Autopsy at the beginning of the week

An autopsy should be performed "
Start of the week
", Confirms the PJ Lille, without further details for now. The floor of Bethune indicated Friday evening that the state of degradation of the body did not identify the deceased.

These are two young urban explorers, who crisscross the disused sites to take pictures, who discovered the victim in this former bakery warehouse, at first glance rather difficult to access.

More information to come.



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