Leonardo Bonucci from Juventus Turin is angry

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Leonardo Bonucci sounded the alarm before the season finale in Serie A with Juventus Turin.

The longtime defender of the old lady sharply criticized his team despite a 2-1 win over Udinese at the weekend. In conversation with Football Italia the 33-year-old says that his team only showed “determination and passion” in the last ten minutes of the away game against Udinese.

Juventus conceded a free kick goal from Molina in the 10th minute last Sunday, before Cristiano Ronaldo was able to turn the game around with a penalty (83rd minute) and a header (89th minute) shortly before the end.

Bonucci doesn’t have a good feeling

Bonucci didn’t like it at all. The Italian pay TV broadcaster Sky Sport Italy he said that the proper final phase was not enough for him to go home with a good feeling.

“If we’re satisfied with ten good minutes, nothing is understood. Absolutely nothing,” said the defender.

He went on to say that during the game his team didn’t seem like they could have shifted up a gear. The games are mostly only about small details that are decisive for the game – it’s just that his team has too often left important points behind because of such details.

With Juventus Turin failing to reach their tenth championship in a row, an “era” is coming to an end for Bonucci: “A new chapter begins today and we have to find the hunger we lost after nine years of dominance. It’s difficult to repeat something like that. It was epic. “

Juventus Turin is currently fighting against Atalanta Bergamo and AC Milan for the runner-up in Serie A – and above all qualifying for the Champions League. All three teams are currently tied. Inter have already been confirmed as Italian champions.

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