LEONEL FERNÁNDEZ – "Leonel believes he is above the Law," says Temo before an appeal filed in the TC

The president of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Juan Temístocles Montás, said that former president Leonel Fernández believes he is above the law, after the ruling party filed an appeal with the Constitutional Court to avoid his aspiration for another organization.

He indicated that with the initiative that they have launched in court, what the PLD seeks is that Fernandez be shown that he must comply with the law.

He also expressed confidence that the appeal deposited to prevent the aspirations of the former president after having competed and lost for the same position in another party, will be welcomed.

"He is a common Dominican who has to accept the legal order of the Dominican Republic," added the Peledeist leader.

He explained that the law prohibiting transfuguism was voted in the Political Committee by Fernández's followers at that time, and by his congressmen in both legislative chambers during discussions for approval in the National Congress.

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