Leopoldsdorf factory for sugar beet remains in operation – Lower Austria

After rumors about the closure of the Leopoldsdorf sugar factory, the farmers and Agrana agreed to continue operating the plant.

The rumors that have been circulating among beet farmers for some time about the closure of the Leopoldsdorf sugar factory have proven to be unfounded, at least for the 2020 campaign. The Agrana Group continues to operate this and the factory in Tulln (Lower Austria). This was agreed with the beet farmers, according to an article in the “BauernZeitung” newspaper.

Concerns about closure

“I am glad that there is now clarity for this year’s beet campaign. The speculation about whether a sugar factory will be shut down is over,” said beet farmer president Ernst Karpfinger. Concerns about a closure had been fueled because of the historic low of the acreage.

Around 32,000 hectares of beet area were contracted in the spring, but due to pest infestation, the area fell to just over 26,000 hectares. In addition, according to the report, Agrana recently put two managing directors of the sugar division off duty.

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