L’Equipe compares Lionel Messi with Che Guevara on his cover

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Even without football, the latest events in Barcelona were enough to show the power that it has Lionel Messi in the club, whose directive does not seem to be above the designs of the Argentine.

To such a degree the opinions of the Argentine seem unquestionable, who on Monday announced a reduction in the 70 percent of salary to the first team players, that the French newspaper L’Equipe designed a cover with Messi in the Che Guevara style.

This is the newspaper that will be on the French streets this Tuesday, March 31, but that the publication itself announced from Monday afternoon. The cover bears the phrase “Messi, Che de Barça”.

There they remember that Messi issued the statement supported by his peers but not without leaving a hard message to the directive headed by Josep María Bartomeu for their management and communication on the subject of reducing salaries to the workforce.

In said announcement, Messi highlighted that footballers would receive only 30 percent of their payrolls during the alert state so that the rest of the team’s employees received their total salaries. He also stressed that it It was the initiative of the players, for which he regretted the course the negotiations took.

“It never ceases to amaze us that from within the club there were those who tried to put us under the magnifying glass and tried to add pressure to do something that we always knew we would do,” he wrote.

Faced with this, Bartomeu did not respond defensively but in a conciliatory tone, as he recalled this Monday to the newspaper Sport that since March 20 he met with the players to propose this salary reduction, to which Messi from that day said “we have to do it

Questioned about the dart that Messi threw, Bartomeu said that perhaps he was referring to some sayings made by people both inside and outside the club, although he clarified that the negotiations were always carried out by him and the CEO, Oscar Grau, by the board, and the captains on the part of the establishment.


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