Lera Yudina broke a rib


On the TNT channel there are releases of the show “Dances”. One of the participants is Lera Yudina, a very talented 17-year-old girl. She wanted to surprise the members of the jury with her own number: Miguel did not approve of him, but others cast a spell. Alas, Lera Yudina dropped out: an accident occurred – she broke a rib.
Lera Yudina and Yevgeny Danilenko rehearsed the next issue, and, apparently, at the moment of support, the wrong movement was made, and the girl was injured. Medics were called into the hall, and after a thorough examination, they diagnosed a crack with an offset of the 10th rib.
Lera Yudina broke a rib

During the rehearsal, Lera Yudina felt only a sharp pain. When the ambulance physicians examined it, the rib fracture was noted with displacement.
Lera Yudina – ward of Yegor Druzhinin. He was very upset that she had to leave the project. He placed great hopes on a young, talented girl. According to Yegor Druzhinin, this season is rich in talented dancers:
– What we did in the project was a good, solid job. Numbers, stage and video solutions, television receptions, and the program itself, as a format, was not the fruit of some momentary imagination of a single person – the project was created meaningfully and gradually. From the new season I am waiting for interesting participants and numbers. “DANCES” is a unique opportunity to work with the best of the best. And I speak not only about the participants, but also about the invited choreographers.
The producers changed the format of the show. Dancers will compete with three teams at once. The numbers are much more complicated, and the mentors will have to be patient.
The first issues of "Dancing" on TNT were aired this fall. Three mentors – Miguel, Tatiana Denisova and Yegor Druzhinin. Last weekend, the second stage of the selection took place, during which Lera Yudina was seriously injured.


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