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Home Business Leroy Merlin opens its shop in Girona

Leroy Merlin opens its shop in Girona

The DIY giant Leroy Merlin opened its first store in Girona this Wednesday, which has resulted in an investment of 31 million euros (MEUR) and has created more than 200 new jobs (adding both direct and indirect ). The establishment, located in the Avellaneda area, has more than 11,500 square meters of commercial space. Offers up to 29,000 references in stock and 330,000 more on order. The store, which will open tomorrow to the public, adds to the twenty points of sale that the company already has in Catalonia (three of which, in the counties of Girona). The director of Leroy Merlin in Girona, José Felipe Gómez,The establishment has "a clear vocation of service" to the buyer, with the objective of "loyalty through the use and experience with our products".

Located in the commercial area of ​​Avellaneda (in Calle Asturias, 66), next to the Esclat supermarket, the shop that Leroy Merlin opens in Girona has meant an investment of 31 million euros. The establishment has more than 11,500 square meters of surface area, of which 7,000 correspond to the sales area, 3,000 more are allocated to patios of materials and the 1,500 remaining, to the world of gardening.

The store has 29,000 references in stock and offers more than 330,000 on request. According to Leroy Merlin, in a statement, the establishment is "a model of efficient resource management and respect for the environment". It has solar panels (with an installed power of 55.6 kWp), all its lighting system is with LED technology (which will mean an energy saving of 56%) and put fourteen chargers for cars Electric at the customer's disposal.

With the opening of this new store in Girona, Leroy Merlin creates more than 200 jobs (of which 154 are direct and 60 more, indirect). The company stresses that, precisely, it trusts local companies when it comes to contracting "cleaning, installation and security services, among others."

During the inauguration, the director of Leroy Merlin in Girona has stressed that the new store has "a clear vocation of service" towards Girona. And that seeks to loyalty "through use and experience with our products, making all solutions, guaranteed in the store or with immediate availability more accessible and accessible."

Although the inauguration has been made today, the store will not open until tomorrow. Your schedule will be two to ten in the morning at 10 in the evening (from Monday to Saturday, and also on Sundays and public holidays). The establishment in Avellaneda de Girona adds to the twenty points of sale that the DIY giant has already distributed throughout Catalonia (three of which, in the counties of Girona).

DIY and decoration

With the Girona store, Leroy Merlin already has 135 outlets spread throughout the country. The company, focused on home-based conditioning, offers DIY products, construction, decoration and gardening. Everywhere in the State has more than 13,500 collaborators (1,460 of which, in Catalonia). Last year, Leroy Merlin Spain invoiced 2,182 million euros.

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