Les Bosses de Provence: the cycling race between the sea, creeks and pine forests

« Sport and conviviality This is how the honorary president of Vélo Club La Pomme Jean-Pierre Carminati sums up the essence of the “Bosses de Provence” cyclosportive. It is one of the flagship events of the sports season in the Bouches-du-Rhône that cycling enthusiasts have found each year since 1994. This year, the club is organizing the 27th edition of this cyclosportive race, which includes courses between the sea, creeks and pine forests, children’s events, cycling and hiking excursions as well as a village of around twenty exhibitors and partners on 3 routes of 93, 130 and 164 kilometers, the weekend of the 24th and September 25.

The main partner of this event is the Department of Bouches-du-Rhône which wants to strengthen the attractiveness and influence of Provence with the organization of high-level sporting events. In 2020, the French Cycling Federation awarded the Department of Bouches-du-Rhône the status “Land of cycling excellence”, a label that values ​​the efforts made to promote the practice of cycling in all its forms and for all audiences. .

A sleeveless vest made by “La Mode du Sport By GSG” will be offered to the first 2,000 registered riders for the cyclosportive. (c)GG

Savings for sports associations

Despite the joy of the proximity of this event, there remains a less joyful subject to discuss. Thierry SantelliVice-president of the Bouches-du-Rhône departmental council, delegated to Sports, announced during the press conference on September 15: “We will have to cut our budget for events like this. The Department of Bouches-du-Rhône […] has no legal obligation to participate financially in sports associations and events. But President Martine Vassal, whom I represent today, and I wanted to contribute 21 million euros to the budget of France’s second department so that sports associations can continue to survive, even if there will be financial disruptions in the years to come”.

Patrick Sorin, president of VC La Pomme for a year: “ I am a cyclist and very happy with my responsibilities within the club. I have a great team supporting me.”. (c) GG

New for 2022

This year, the event is more respectful of the environment. Registration for the “Bosses de Provence” is now done online and no longer with pen and paper, and plastic cups will be replaced by recyclable alternatives.

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But the organizers do not want to limit themselves to cups. Some bikes will also be recycled. In collaboration with the French Cycling Federation and the “Recyclerie Sportive Marseille” association, the club offers a collection of reusable or repairable bicycles, spare parts and cycling equipment in the Village des Partenaires. The bikes collected that day will join solidarity workshops to then be made available to French Cycling Federation clubs that are involved in learning to ride a bike for the general public.

The challenge for this year’s edition remains the number of participants. The 2,500 cyclists announced are a “ optimistic estimate “according to the president of the club, because people would decide at the last moment, both because of the Covid and the weather.

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