Les Technos # 322: Fairphone 4, Facebook breakdown, Yubikey, Apple Pay hacked, Twitch hacked,…

Here is episode 322. We promise, we won’t talk about football. Like every week, we’re here to find out what our columnists have found interesting in the technological news of the week. Thus with Aurélien and Xavier it will be about Twitch which was hacked a few days ago (125 GigaOcttes of data are in nature). Fairphone, the ethical and ecological manufacturer is releasing its new smartphone, we take stock in this issue. Nobody missed it, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp broke down… a long outage… what more can we say than what has already been said everywhere? Surprise! Do you know Yubikey? We explain how to see two-factor authentication in a different light. We will also talk, among other things, about solid electrolyte batteries as well as the new USB standard and its simplified signage. Welcome and in advance thank you for subscribing to Technos, thank you also for sharing our content in your networks.

A like Apple (00:03:28)

When hackers successfully exploit Apple Pay. Apple Pay vulnerability allows payments to be made while the device is locked.

F like Fairphone (00:07:41)

Release of the Fairphone 4. Fairphone: truly eco-friendly laptops?

F like Facebook (00:18:59)

Bad times for Facebook. Facebook suffers a major outage and faces a whistleblower.

S comme SSB (00:29:12)

Solid State Battery: the future? A solid electrolyte battery with a silicon anode.

T comme Twitch (00:36:54)

Twitch was hacked, 125GB of data leaked. Source code and confidential Twitch data available on the web.

C for Connection (00:42:37)

The new USB standard: 240W and 40Gbps! The USB-IF consortium has implemented logos to better understand the capabilities of the products.

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P for Small (00:51:49)

Drones the size of a grain of sand.

Y like Yubikey (00:56:21)

New for double authentication. What is a YubiKey?