Lesbian couple discovers they might be sisters: ‘Wrong to stay together?’ † Abroad

Carley Gonschior and Mercedes Stewart, from Canada, have been dating for two years and run the OnlyFans account @notyouraveragesister. They shared their bizarre discovery on TikTok: they think they share the same father. “When you find out after two years of dating that our mothers both slept with the same man,” they wrote on the video, which has since gone viral and has been viewed more than 6.9 million times. “Should we do a DNA test?” they asked their followers in the caption.

Thousands of people have already reacted to the video and expressed their opinion. Many feel that Carley and Mercedes are indeed very similar. “That could indeed explain why you look like sisters,” wrote one follower. Something many others also thought: “I always thought you were sisters.” When someone advised them to do a DNA test, they replied that they were “afraid.”

But of course there are also skeptics who have trouble believing this remarkable story. “I have the feeling this is a joke, but you really do look alike,” it sounds, among other things.

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The story also sparked another debate: whether they can stay together if it turns out they’re half-sisters. “I personally wouldn’t do it. But if the love is real and it’s something you can look past, you can work on it,” one person wrote. “They cannot reproduce, so it will not harm the child if they choose to have a child. I personally don’t see anything wrong with it, especially because they didn’t know beforehand,” another wrote.

In a subsequent video, both ladies said that they have now ordered a DNA test and are waiting for the delivery. But they also said they were concerned about the inaccuracy of the test if they kiss beforehand. The test is done on the basis of saliva. “If we kiss before taking the test, does it affect the DNA results because our saliva is in each other’s mouths,” they wondered aloud.