Leslie and Rybka decided to transfer the secret archive before the arrest USA

Leslie and Rybka decided to transfer the secret archive before the arrest

In letters from the Thai prison, the organizer of the sex training told about the trip to the US to the special prosecutor Müller

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According to CNN, FBI agents tried to visit in the prison of Thailand arrested participants of the scandalous sex training Nastya Rybka and Alex Leslie. The Americans were refused. Meanwhile, we managed to get acquainted with the letters of Leslie and Rybka from prison: as it turned out, Leslie, after the uproar, decided to fly to the US and pass special secret archive to the special prosecutor Robert Müller, obviously with compromising evidence against Russian officials. After that, detention was held in Thailand.

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Letters from Leslie and Rybka were handed to us by a US citizen and friend Leslie, who calls himself his official representative, Pavlo Yunko – he received these messages last week. Earlier, Junko threw a cry for help to his friends through the blog of Catherine Gordon, and he was shining among lovers of sex training.

As follows from the letters (we have copies of these handwritten messages), a few days before the detention, Alex invited Pavlo to go out to the people of the United States special prosecutor Robert Mueller to hand over to him some secret archive. Leslie and Yunko agreed on February 28 to fly together to New York. But a roundabout way. At that time, Leslie and Rybka were in Dubai, and since Thailand, in their opinion – “pro-American territory”, it was decided to move first to Bangkok.

Next, we quote from Leslie:

“February 24 we were ahead of us. Into the training hall burst:

1) Interpol (dark hair a foreigner is a Frenchman and his “son”)

2) Special services (Thai in civilian clothes and a huge American)

3) Personally, the chief of police Pattaya.

4) When transported to the office, a general of unidentified troops or services entered the building (a Thai with generic attributes of distinction).

5) Thai police arrived in the hall last.

6) The authorities of the immigration service – Pattaya IDC.

Fact. Many policemen and volunteers argue that the procedural movement through the stages was further accelerated six times compared to ordinary cases …

We are taken into custody and transferred to IDC prison. Realizing that this is the last opportunity, we go into the broadcast and reveal what Russia is pursuing for us in Thailand. ”

Again a quote from a letter from Leslie:

“The court makes a decision in our favor. He releases him on bail, and we leave the courtroom free, but we are detained by 20 policemen from DC near the courtroom and taken to the immigration service of Tontien Soi5. The head of the immigration service informs us that your visas have been canceled right now and you must move to IDC prison. ”

It causes a frightful list of limitations that Alex and Nastya had to face behind bars. Where is our “Sailor’s Silence”! So, Russian bidders were banned:

– receive assistance from the elder in the cell;

– send letters to neighboring cells (they just did not reach the addressee);

– meet even with relatives (for 6 days)

Nastya Rybka (Vashukevich) and her friend Masha were placed in a 100-meter room, which contains 130 people – mostly Ethiopians, African-American children, many smoke, and have bronchitis and tuberculosis. “We sleep half-bent one to the other, the food is meager, walks 1 hour every 3 days. We are told – go back to Russia or you’ll be in this hell for years! ».

Needless to say, Rybke clearly indicate where to sail. Vashakevich herself, apparently, continues to count on help from the United States.

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