Lessons from the Pandemic: Orbán’s Healthy Reality Bath

The year that opens will be dominated by three very important elections which will write some crucial capitals for the future of Europe. The first election, not strictly political, it is the one concerning Italy, and what will happen in the Quirinale poker game, given and considering how much the destiny of the European Recovery is linked in large part to the destiny of Italy, it will have an impact not only on the equilibrium of the Italian government but also on those of Europe as a whole. The second election, still presidential but not parliamentary like the Italian one, is the one that will take place in April and is the one that will give Emmanuel Macron the opportunity to extend his hegemony not only on France, in the next five years, but also on the Europe of the future, and it is evident that in a Europe without Merkel a Macron capable of doubling his years at the helm of France, combining popular consensus and immense powers derived from the role of President of the Republic, he could have a greater centrality than any other leader on the continent. The third elections, less known but no less interesting, are those that concern a more peripheral country but that tells us a lot about the trajectory taken in recent months by anti-Europeanism and that country coincides with Viktor Orbán’s Hungary.

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