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Let the dream of football take off from the campus Gongshu District promotes the establishment of a new model of “1241” regional campus football

At 8:30 a.m. on June 28th, the on-campus football meeting and the inauguration ceremony of the Gongshu District Campus Football Club were officially held at Changyang Primary School in Hangzhou. All teachers and students of the school were immersed in the joy of celebrating this football carnival.

The six exhibition areas in the school are displayed with exquisite works, carefully crafted by the children’s skillful hands. While visiting, you can get warm and patient explanations from student volunteers. Football culture is spread all over the campus. There was a bright smile on his face, and a vigorous vigor burst out from his body.

Every June, for the children of Changyang Primary School, it is lively and unforgettable. The school will carry out a month-long football carnival activity. The planners, organizers, football commentators, referees, photographers, small reporters, logistics staff… Every child can play their talents and enjoy football to the fullest. bring joy.

In Gongshu, there are many campus football schools with obvious characteristics, such as Changyang Primary School, Jingcheng Experimental School, and Qiuzhi Primary School. “Everyone can play football, every class has a team, and the whole school has a league”, which has become a familiar slogan. . In the last 30 minutes of this carnival, the Thanos Team of Class 502 and the Wolf Warriors of Class 604 of Changyang Primary School brought a splendid game, showing the unique campus style to the public. Performing stunts, cooperating with tacit understanding, cheering and applauding continuously, this is an excellent stage for children with football dreams to show themselves.

In order to promote the long-term development of regional campus football and promote the “Campus Football Development Plan”, this morning, the “Gongshu District Campus Football Club” was officially established. Through the campus football club, Gongshu will form a “1241” regional campus football model, namely:Promote 1 campus football boutique event——”Canal Cup”, standardize the implementation of the three-level league machine of class, grade and school levelTo create a “Canal Cup” football invitational tournament with the recognizability of Gongshu, with the operation mode of league and points, increase the opportunities for inter-school competition and broaden horizons, so as to improve regional campus footballThe overall level;Establish 2 resource sharing platforms——Online “Course Treasure” platform and offline “Football”“Ball exchange circle” platform, to achieve the purpose of sharing teachers, venues, culture, and courses, providing children with more opportunities to participate in football, cultivating interests, learning skills, and forming a strong campus football atmosphere;Innovate 4 major football talent training mechanisms——Through mechanisms such as “player rankings”, “point promotion system”, “star development plan” and “echelon construction system”, cultivate and select outstanding football talents, form district-level elite football teams, and provide platforms and channels for children’s football growth ;Create a regional sports brand project——Relying on “Gongshu District School”“Guanyuan Football Club” expands the popularity and participation of campus football, develops and absorbs more member schools, refines and exchanges campus football work experience, researches and discusses the mechanism of in-depth and long-term development of campus football, and makes campus football a student sports in Gongshu District. Sports branding items.

The event site also held the ball signing and awarding ceremony of the first chairman unit.Director of Gongshu District Youth Activity Center, Youth Sports Training SchoolPrincipal Wang Jiujiu said that the appointment of an excellent school as the chairman unit can give full play to its leading role, share high-quality resources such as teachers, courses, venues, etc., connect the dots and lead the surface with lines, and improve the breadth and depth of the popularization of campus football. Children are provided with more opportunities to participate in football. At the same time, cultivate their interest in football, learn skills, form a strong campus football atmosphere, discover and cultivate outstanding football talents, and provide them with growth channels and opportunities.

“Our wish is to make every child fall in love with sports and embrace a bright future! In recent years, Gongshu Education has taken campus football as a breakthrough in the development of campus sports, carefully created a football atmosphere, cultivated a football culture, and made the campus a place for cultivating football talents. Fertile soil. Up to now, Gongshu District has 25 national football characteristic schools (kindergartens), 11 provincial characteristic campuses, and 27 municipal characteristic campuses.Football culture is in full bloom. “Introduced by Liu Zhihua, Deputy Director of Gongshu District Education Bureau, “In the future, GongThe villa district will successively set up sports clubs such as ‘campus basketball club’ and ‘campus badminton club’. Through mechanism reform and innovation, it will attract all sectors of society to care, participate and promote the process of various campus sports events, so that ‘sports educate people and competition educate talents’ ‘The concept is deeply rooted, creating a model of campus sports. “

Life is endless, movement is endless. Football, a sport full of wisdom, will continue to play its educational connotation, further tap its educative function, and lead students to be bright and positive.

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Author: Reporter Wu Yuexi, Intern Xu Wen, Correspondent Shen Xingkai Editor: Xu Wenjie