“Let’s allow breast milk to be carried on board even if it exceeds 100ml” Proposed by Mexico

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Member of the House of Representatives “It shouldn’t be banned even if you don’t have children”… petition to the government

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(Mexico City = Yonhap News) Correspondent Lee Jae-rim = Claims to remove breast milk from the list of ‘liquids exceeding 100ml’ that are prohibited from being carried on board have been raised in Mexico.

According to the Mexican daily newspaper El Universal on the 24th (local time), Congressman Yesenia Olua, a member of the ruling National Reconstruction Movement (MORENA), ordered the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communication and Transport (SICT) and the Federal Aviation Administration (AFAC) to bring breast milk on board. It said it had submitted a petition urging it to be explicitly allowed.

Congressman Olua is in the position that the current provision that allows liquids to be carried on board only if they are less than 100ml needs to be amended. He also mentioned a situation that drew attention online last year.

Previously, on December 12 last year, at Mexico City International Airport (AICM), a famous Mexican influencer who tried to carry breast milk stored in a breastfeeding device on board had an argument with an airport security officer who stopped it.

At the time, the security guard said that considering the situation, such as the amount of breast milk and the fact that he was not accompanied by a child, he was informed that he could not take it with him according to the regulations.

In a video posted on his social media, Congressman Olua said, “(Influencer) informed me that I was breastfeeding and appealed that I could not throw away as much breast milk as the child should eat at home, but the airport refused it due to regulations.” “As a result, I had to throw away the breast milk because I wasn’t carrying the baby in my arms,” ​​she said.

As similar controversies can repeat at any time, Congressman Olua’s view is that ‘you should not be discriminated against for boarding a plane just because you are a nursing mother’. She added that not taking breast milk out of her body whenever she needs it could also adversely affect her ‘mother’s health’.

Furthermore, he argued that drinks for passengers with special dietary needs, baby drinks, and liquids for nutritional supplements for patients need to be removed from the carry-on ban provisions regardless of their capacity.

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