“Let’s Dance” 2018: Who has to leave? Which candidates are still there?


“Let’s Dance” 2018: For Bela Klentze the dance show is over because of a cruciate ligament tear. Which candidates are out? Who is still in it? Here all information.

On March 9, “Let’s Dance” started in 2018 RTL , It’s the 11th season of the dance show.
Moderators are Daniel Hartwich and Victoria Swarovski. The Austrian has Sylvie Meis replaced.
Here you read, where you can see the program live on TV and as a stream.
“Let’s Dance” 2018 has been on 13 live shows since March RTL to see. For season 11 has RTL a “renewal” of “Let’s Dance” implemented. In the future, Sylvie Meis will no longer lead the dance show alongside Daniel Hartwich.
Instead, the station has committed Victoria Swarovski. How Victoria Swarovski and Sylvie Meis reacted to this decision, read here. After all: The popular jury trio Jorge Gonzalez, Motsi Mabuse and Joachim Llambi is back in “Let’s Dance” 2018 again.
Which 14 candidates dare 2018 on the floor? Who has already flown out and which celebrity still has chances to win?
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“Let’s Dance” 2018: These candidates are already out
Bela Klentze
The actor, presenter and voice actor Bela Klentze is from Munich. He should be known to the general public from “Alles was zählt”, he also played in “Wege zur Glück” and “Unter Uns”. He said before the show: “I want to win the thing here and put the cup on the fireplace.” Nothing came of it: during a dance, he kinked and injured his knee, forcing him to give up.
Roman Lochmann
The creators “The Lochis” make music and are known for their comedy videos. In 2016, Heiko and Roman Lochmann released their album “#Zwilling”, which landed on # 1 on the German album charts and stayed there for 27 weeks. Their first movie “Brother Before Slut” brought the “Lochis” Christmas 2015 in the cinemas.

Charlotte Worthig
Charlotte Würdig joined us right after her studies RTL worked – on the job as weather fairy RTL North followed by several moderator jobs, later she moved to ProSieben , She took part in Stefan Raab’s Wok World Cup and in “Stars auf Eis”. Who the moderator is not from RTL or ProSieben is known, he probably knows her because of her husband – in 2012 she married rapper Sido. The sons were born in 2013 and 2016.
Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht
As an actor Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht is mainly known for the film series “The Wild Things”. Since 2007, he also appears as a musician, 2013, he ran for the first time at the Berlin Fashion Week on a catwalk. He also founded his own production company “Le Bleux Production” in 2017 for music and promotional videos. Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht has participated in competition TV shows such as Star Race, TV Total Stock Car Crash Challenge, Celebrity Shopping Queen and Grill the Henssler. Because he has broken his foot, he has to leave the broadcast. Barbara Meier is allowed to board again for this.
Chakall is actually called Eduardo Andrés Lopez and is known as a chef with a turban. The chef from Argentina calls himself a cosmopolitan and speaks six languages. Chakall is married and has four children, he lives in Lisbon and Berlin. He is seen in cooking shows around the world. His book “Chakall Cooks” won the 2010 Gourmand World Cookbook Award for Best Cookbook. Across from RTL he said before the show, “If there’s a rhythm, then we Argentines, I’ll show you that we can not just do tango.” Can convince he could not convince: After the fourth live show he had to go.
Heiko Lochmann
The creator can now take care of one of the many projects due in 2018. But most of all the YouTube channel he runs together with Brother Roman. “The Lochis” make music and are known for their comedy videos. In 2016 Heiko and Roman Lochmann released their album “#Zwilling”, which landed on # 1 of the German album charts and stayed there for 27 weeks. Their first movie “Brother Before Slut” brought the “Lochis” Christmas 2015 in the cinemas.
Jessica Paszka
In 2017, Jessica Paszka was the “Bachelorette”. The winner of the show, David Friedrich, can currently be seen in the jungle camp. The 27-year-old was a candidate for “The Bachelor” three years earlier. At the beginning of January 2018, following the end of “The Bachelorette”, Jessica Paszka also became “Celebrity Shopping Queen” ( we reported ).
Tina Ruland
Tina Ruland is also an actress. The Cologne native was awarded the Bambi in 1994 and has appeared in films such as “Manta, Manta”, “The Firebird” and “Hard Guys”. She left several times for the playboy At 21, she even became the Playmate of the Month. She said, “I have a huge respect for the challenge here, I can not dance, not even a wedding waltz.” The TV audience apparently looked the same – already on lap 1 she had to leave. (AZ)
“Let’s Dance” 2018: And these candidates continue to dance for victory
Barbara Meier
The second season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” took place in 2007, when Barbara Meier won. Since then, she appears as a model and actress repeatedly at events. Recently, she made international talk when she was one of the few women who at the Golden Globes did not wear black. She says, “I’ve always wanted to learn dancing and I just like to think that a perfect dance is nice to watch. Let’s Dance gives me the opportunity to learn steps and dances very quickly, which would take me 10 years.” Unfortunately, she had to stop in the fourth live show. Because her grandmother died at the age of 90, she went to her hometown Amberg to support her family in these difficult hours. In the fifth live show, the model had to leave the dance show, but was allowed to board again because Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht failed because of a broken foot.

The couples: who dances with whom at “Let’s Dance” 2018?
Picture: MG RTL D / Stefan Gregorow
Judith Wiliam
RTL has left Judith Williams the first cat out of the bag: The investor is spectator favorite at “The Cave of the Lions”. The 45-year-old entrepreneur fulfills a long-awaited dream by participating in “Let’s Dance” – her heart was loud RTL ” always on the stage. “She is pleased that she is allowed to take a” trip from business to the stage. ”
Ingolf Luck
The comedian and actor Ingolf Lück is also at “Let’s Dance” at the start. The father of two is known among other things from film, television and radio and has already been awarded various prizes, including most recently the Honorary Award of the German Comedy Award (2014) and the Order of Merit of North Rhine-Westphalia (2016). Asked why he joined in “Let’s Dance”, he said, “Because I just feel like it, the continents are discovered, the universe is explored, humanity is hungry for the last great challenge: a man with two big left feet conquers the dance floor. ”

Let’s Dance 2018: All 14 celebrity candidates and the two presenters in the portrait
Image: MG RTL D / Arya Shirazi
Iris Mareike Steen
GZSZ actress Iris Mareike Steen know many well under her serial name Lilly Seefeld. Steen was also shot in 2015 in Playboy. Since 2017 she is married to a police officer. In “Let’s Dance” she was already out in the meantime – but got a second chance, because Bela Klentze had to give up by a knee injury.
Thomas Hermanns
Thomas Hermanns is not only the founder of the “Quatsch Comedy Club”, but also a moderator, comedian, screenwriter and director. He has published four books and won several awards, including the Golden Camera and four times the German Comedy Award. “Dancing has always been a big part of my life, I wanted to get off the sofa and up onto the dance floor at the age of 54. I also have a penchant for a show I can live on at ‘Let’s Dance,” he says.

2006: Wayne Carpendale
2007: Susan Sideropoulos
2010: Sophia Thomalla
2011: Maite Kelly
2012: Magdalena Brzeska
2013: Manuel Cortez
2014: Alexander Klaws
2015: Hans Sarpei
2016: Victoria Swarovski
2017: Gil Ofarim

Julia Dietze
The German actress with French roots could be seen in Till Schweiger’s “1 1/2 Ritter”, in “Once Hans with hot sauce” and in “Fack ju Göhte 3”. Julia Dietze is also a TV producer and has produced several episodes of the SOKO series, including “SOKO München: Himmel, Hergott, Sacramento”.
RTL brings 14 professional dancers as coaches for the candidates at the start. Click here through our picture gallery:

“Let’s Dance” 2018: These are the 14 professional dancers
Image: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius
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