Let’s Dance: Bad news for fans of Motsi Mabuse

Let’s Dance: Bad news for Motsi Mabuse fans – THAT is now announced by RTL

October 16, 2021 at 2:40 pm

Bad news for fans of Motsi Mabuse.

Bad news for fans of Motsi Mabuse.

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Let’s Dance“Is going on tour again soon. After the live tour had to be postponed last year due to Corona, the idea came up to simply merge the stars from both seasons and build a mega tour out of them.

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No sooner said than done: toured throughout November “Let’s Dance – the Live Tour 2021 “through Germany. Among other things, the stars of “Let’s Dance“In Hanover, Leipzig, Oberhausen, Cologne and Dortmund.

“Let’s Dance”: Live tour starts in November

And that with a lot of star support. Valentina Pahde, Luca Hänni, presenter Daniel Hartwich and the jury around Joachim Llambi, Jorge González and Motsi Mabuse will be there.


This is “Let’s Dance”:

  • “Let’s Dance” is a live dance show on RTL
  • The first season of “Let’s Dance” started in 2006
  • There are now 14 seasons
  • The program is the German version of the BBC show “Strictly Come Dancing”
  • The show will be recorded in Cologne
  • In 2021, Rúrik Gíslason (ex-professional soccer player) won with the professional dancer Renata Lusin


But don’t be too early to look forward to it: There is a catch. RTL announced that the stars will not be there at all of the dates.

“Let’s Dance”: Motsi Mabuse is missing on THESE dates

For example, Valentina Pahde’s Leipzig fans stand on the hose. The 27-year-old cannot be at the show on November 9th. Moritz Hans will stand in for them. It also went stupid for the fans of Luca Hänni who wanted to see the ex- “DSDS” winner dance in Leipzig (November 10th) or Frankfurt (November 17th). He is also represented by Moritz Hans.

But that’s not all. Since Motsi Mabuse sits behind the jury panel not only in Germany but also in Great Britain, there was one or the other overlap. The 40-year-old will be absent from Hamburg (November 6th), Nuremberg (November 13th), Mannheim (November 20th) and Cologne (November 27th). Instead, Isabel Edvardsson will take a seat next to Llambi and González.


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