Good news for "Let's Dance" spectators: After her baby break, professional dancer Isabel Edvardsson will be back on the dance show next year. Until then she just wants to lose a few pounds.

The 36-year-old has already helped celebrities such as Michael Wendler or Maximilian Arland to a spectacular dance performance. Last year, Isabel Edvardsson got pregnant and therefore suspended 2018. But a comeback is now in sight.

"I've gained 21 kilos, eight have to go down yet"
"The request from RTL is available and if nothing comes up, I'm back in 2019," she said to "Bild". But before she gives her best on the dance stage, she wants to fulfill one more goal. "I've gained 21 kilos, eight have to go down," she explains. My body before pregnancy came from hard work and good genes, my musculoskeletal system is not the same, but I work hard, I go to the gym three times a week. "

Since the first season with it
Already since the first season, the dancer was with "Let's Dance", brought on the side of Wayne Carpendale in 2006 then also the first home victory. In the third season, the native Swede was even briefly in the jury here. Until she participated actively in the following seasons again as a dancer. In 2017 she could only be seen until the end of the fourth show, because of the pregnancy Isabel Edvardsson got out.



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