Let’s leave each other alone! US sees Europe differently do not brand Russia ‘State sponsored terrorism’

The United States cannot designate Russia as “State-sponsored terrorism” because it does not fit the relevant criteria. According to Beth van Schach, Ambassador Special Representative to the United States. international criminal justice

Her comments were held while in the European Union Parliament. raised their hands in favor of the resolution calling Russia a “State-sponsored terrorism” on Wednesday (November 23).

Van Chak said: “Identifying a terrorist state In terms of US legal definitions It’s not yet for Russia,” Van Chak told reporters, adding that Washington was currently exploring the possibility of setting up another Russian state that would open the way for possible sanctions against Moscow. more

Van Chak’s comments claim that such branding is unnecessary. because the United States “Our sanctions are already being applied to a serious degree.”

Non-binding Resolution of the European Parliament It received 494 votes in support of parliamentarians, 58 opposed and 44 abstained. “Russian attacks on the civilian population of Ukraine and destroying Ukraine’s civil infrastructure. equivalent to war crimes and terrorism.”

The draft resolution also called for Brussels. Provide relevant legal frameworks That has allowed them to officially brand the entire country as a sponsor of terrorism. While such a thing is currently impossible.

The resolution also calls for comprehensive international isolation of Russia. Among them, further reduced diplomatic relations. and quickly enforced a new round of sanctions “Contacts between official representatives at all levels and Russia should be maintained at the minimum level necessary,” the draft resolution emphasized.

On Tuesday (Nov. 22), Van Chak said the United States was very interested in what Europe was doing. With the said resolution considered to be very weighty, however, the European Parliament’s resolution document this time is mostly symbolic. as it does not impose any legal commitments to Brussels.

On Wednesday (Nov. 23), the Russian Foreign Ministry Outcry of the European Parliament’s move to designate Russia as “State sponsored terrorism,” saying it was a way for the West to justify unilateral coercion measures against nations they viewed as their enemies.

(Source: RT News)