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Let’s play like never before – a list of games that work better on PS5

by archyw

Let us bear in mind that this is just the beginning of the path of new machines, so naturally – everything needs time. Contrary to the complaints, there is a backward compatibility option that offers a significant number of improvements. And let’s face it – today, for the vast majority of players, the new console acts as a better player of the favorite hits of the previous term. If it were otherwise, responses to each new generation update would not become the subject of hundreds of discussions in the comments. We clearly like to improve the quality of games that have long been available on the market. The times of PS4 celebrated perhaps the best library in the history of the brand, with all due respect to the old tradition. We decided to pick out the hottest productions that gain a lot running on PlayStation 5. The order of the list is traditionally a work of chance.

Cyberpunk 2077 (2020, CD Project RED)

The presence of the quite controversial work of the Warsaw studio has now surprised many readers. The post-premiere mess related to the dubious operation of the game for older-generation consoles, REDzi is cleaning up to this day. The latest update has just been released. However, I will refer to an interesting relationship in connection with trips to Night City. Cyberpunk 2077 unifies as many as three stories – cyberhajp, cyber mess and a cyber adventure. The first two relate to the enormity of expectations and disproportionate quality, while the third is gameplay on new generation consoles. Therefore, it is worth giving the story a chance only via PS5.

The title works at 60 frames per second, and is devoid of irrational flaws that inspire dozens of glitch-compilations on YouTube. Meanwhile, a better system will provide a fantastically created world, which creates something phenomenal with the enormity of twisted streets, alleys and ubiquitous cyborgization, consumerism and autetic narrative. However, we still recommend PS5 gameplay with HDR turned off, but overall – it’s fun to play on the new generation. Price lower than ever. Forget for a moment about faster loading, it is yet to come.

Control: Ultimate Edition (2019, Remedy)

In the case of a cyberpunk city of dreams escapade, there was a spontaneous improvement in performance and visual quality as part of compatibility. Control: Ultimate Edition has been enriched with modern-generation benefits on behalf of the developer. At the beginning of the year, the title was offered as part of PlayStation Plus. Control suffered from a number of performance issues at the time of its debut, but even then we saw the potential of Remedy’s paranormal world. Nobody has tried to recreate the laws of physics so faithfully.

With the arrival of the PlayStation 5 update, the interior of the Office looks like a mirror in a crooked mirror. Reflections are expressive on any surface, character models gain additional detail, and the lighting steals the show starring the director herself, Jessie Faden. The game also focuses on dynamic clashes using several types of power, so it takes place during more intense confrontations with the mysterious Hiss. The environment is highly molecular destructible, while the real finesse is the performance mode. A pace that we did not know in previous studio achievements. Full recommendation.

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The Last of Us: Part II (2020, Naughty Dog)

A game that says more about us than we might like to know. Spectacular debut polarizing the community on an unprecedented scale. By no means in the visual sphere, because the studio’s titanic work outclassed all previous high-profile blockbusters. And there is no exaggeration with this statement. Environmental narrative offering a lot of interesting, untold stories, an emotional marriage dealing with the topic of social and self-referential acceptance in the face of one’s own “otherness”. Technically, we received a generation-defining product a year ago, even ahead.

The next-gen update made The Last of Us 2 look like a title released only recently, for a fresh console from the Japanese company. As part of the obvious doubling of the staircase to the “concrete sixty”, the elements of the surroundings have improved in quality. The textures are sharpened, while the particle effects seem less blurry than on the base PlayStation 4 (at the time of the game’s debut, I checked the game on PS4 Pro, but the effect was also visible). The vibration haptics were also adjusted in the right tone. Dual Sensem controls also make a difference on the battlefield thanks to triggers. Check it out for yourself while drawing the bow. Another reason to come back to post-pandemic Seattle.

Final Fantasy VII: Remake (2020, Square Enix)

As part of the improved edition with the subtitle “Intergrade”, owners of the physical version dedicated to the premiere for PS4, receive the possibility of a free update. Attention! Does not apply to the version downloaded as part of the April PS Plus offer. It is worth deciding to suck the patch. You won’t see more beautiful shots of steampunk Midgar anywhere else. Compared to the original release, not only the refined models of the main characters strike the foreground. The high quality of lighting was taken care of, the low resolution of numerous textures was appropriately increased and subjected to the required cosmetics. Problems with reading NPCs in Wall Market – theoretically the most populated area in the game, compared to the original from 1997 have been eliminated to zero.

However, we left the main course for the end – performance. A native of the previously described Control, the renovation of the iconic history of AVALANCHE is full of a lot of main and contextual clashes. Following the example of FFXV, the focus was clearly on arcade character, which requires appropriate responsiveness. This is another show of Dual Sense, in which the character does not even include minimal lags, all in luxurious performance. Depending on the preferred mode of operation of the game. We strongly recommend smooth animation, as the title is still visually impressive. And fights themselves have never tasted better.

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Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time (2020, Activision)

According to all standards, platformers should meet two very core and most important assumptions – become easy to learn and difficult to overcome. The fourth numerical adventure of the PlayStation-born jamraja is also a test of the heights of skills for the player. Suffice it to say that no one has yet dared to reach platinum? The new-generation update has a chance to bring this perspective much closer to the most courageous. First of all, thanks to the efficiency and responsiveness.

Although there was no problem with this on older consoles, the improved modes of operation greatly help in the efficient calculation of a smooth jump between obstacles, and the system does not count any delays. And yet the new Crash defines movement primarily in the game mechanics. Better resolution makes the visual experience more pleasant, but Dual Sense is much better for grinding skills. If you still have the patience to get the most out of the game – there will be no better opportunity.

Days Gone (2019, Bend Studio)

A story written around nomadic biker Deacon St. John’s is an interesting case in recent years. The production of the Bend studio turned out to be slightly below expectations at the premiere, due to the presence of several technical shortages. In the scale of games produced by Sony, it appeared to be an unprecedented situation. After time, many skeptics quickly changed their minds, while the update released at the start of PlayStation 5 redefined the reception of the game.

The post-pandemic state of Oregon has received a ton of additional beauty, with forest walls, tree bark, and wildlife triumphing over pre-epidemic environmental degradation – all sharpened as ever. Riding a motorcycle in the glare of the rising and setting sun, matching the vibration and triggers to the rotation of the motorcycle, create the illusion of production with the “next-gen only” tag. Getting rid of a horde of Freaks with SSD assistance is something beautiful. Absolutely worth checking out and maybe even re-finishing.

God of War (2018, Sony Santa Monica)

Any change is possible. The last, great achievement of the study in Santa Monica is an example of a book here. At the time of its debut, it delighted the media and players around the world, thoroughly rebuilding the image of the series. What have the PlayStation 5 improvements made? Here, too, we strongly recommend the performance mode, which was already available for the PS4 Pro, but only caused a partial framerate – around 45 per second.

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This time, the stronger periphery is a constant value and composing numerous combos with the mythical Leviathan comes with unprecedented precision. The setting was impressive three years ago and it still does. It is enough to go to Lake Nine to feel the difference in the operation of the game immediately, where all image artifacts have been eliminated, and the powerful World Snake visible in the distance sharpens much more than on the previous console. A solid warm-up for Ragnarok.

Ghost of Tsushima (2020, Sucker Punch)

The last, great title ending the generation in the performance of PlayStation 4, at the same time the first to be updated outside of the PS Plus Collection package. The beauty of picturesque Tsushima has passed to everyone who had contact with the game of the former inFamous creators. The game demonstrates in an agile and sophisticated way how to design delightful, open worlds. Here, the environment becomes the narrator and catalyst for a gameplay characterized by exploration, addictive combat, simulating a katana. Thanks to the update, the game has received a second youth and will not get old faster than you might expect. A free gallop towards a palette of colorful landscapes, unknown places to discover with a gust of wind, engages the senses of a new generation. The story, written in the style of the film library of the legendary Akira Kurosawa, offers several modes of operation. In each of them Tsushima becomes more beautiful. Several times faster thanks to the power of SSD.

PlayStation 5 provides better performance in many games, but we are puzzled by one issue. The Xbox Series X offers fantastic FPS Boost to 60fps in almost every game from the previous generation. Will Sony again reach for competition solutions also in this area? Time will tell. I would love to take part in the night chases known from Dying Light once again – in a game that focuses on movement, it asks you to adjust the performance to a better console. The generation is just getting started and we still like to come back to our favorite titles – especially the embellished ones. At the time of creating the material, an update for Metro Exodus is on the way, which we will write about soon. Which games do you like to come back to often for backward compatibility?

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