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To participate in the Chamber’s work on the Aid bis decree, Enrico Letta and Giorgia Meloni put the electoral campaign on standby for a few hours. But they did not stop the clash in view of the vote, at least on social media. “I tell Giorgia Meloni: being a woman is not enough to make policies for women. What counts are the proposals and concrete facts that are put in place. For women, the key word is freedom”, wrote the secretary of the Democratic Party on Twitter. “Enrico, but really after you’ve tried to explain to me how I have to do the right, now you want to try to explain to me what it means to be a woman? Do you have a sense of ridicule?”, The leader of FdI replied on the fly. The exchange stems from an interview with Grazia in which Letta defends the law on abortion, hopes for a government with the same number of ministers and ministers and asks for more centers for victims of gender-based violence. It is the theme of equality, one of the points of the dem program. Like the south, healthcare.

Every day the Pd secretary focuses the electoral campaign on a goal of the democratic and progressive Italy list. “We need the extension of compulsory schooling – he said interviewed by – we need to start very early, at the age of 3 with kindergarten and extend up to 18. We must push all students to have a school diploma upper secondary school “. “Introducing the obligation for kindergartens – explains Letta all’Ansa – means finally making them free. It is also certified that the sooner school is started, the better inequalities are fought and the more quickly the social lift stopped in Italy is reactivated. for decades. Not to mention savings for families of between 200 and 300 euros per month and the possibility for both parents to work “. The Pd secretary links the themes of school and training to that of the “ecological transition, which must always be managed with the social one – he said to the students – For example, those who work in the field of internal combustion cars must be accompanied in change: they do not he can only give early retirement.

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The destructive impact of these processes on the world of work must be managed and mitigated. Otherwise there will be further social conflict and to pay the price they will always be the most vulnerable. “Letta spoke to the children about civil rights.” There are those who only want a model, Meloni said: God, country and family. And frankly it’s not the right model. It is a model of the past that has authorized so many abuses. I like diversity and we must value it, it is wealth, not disintegration. It is one of the issues on which I push the most and on which the difference with the right is more marked “. For the Pd secretary” Italy is behind on civil rights, Parliament has not approved the Zan law, the Ius schoale, the law on the right to assisted suicide as requested by the Constitutional Court. The idea that in the next 5 years we will maintain this backwardness is dramatic – he concluded – I would like us to move forward. We are pushing for civil rights “. (ANSA).



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