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Letta’s race to the Siena boarding school, Italy, is already getting in the way – Corriere.it

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The Renzian champion of preferences in the area: Enrico called me, but that’s not enough

A seat in Siena is well worth a congress. The Secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta is preparing for the supplementary in Tuscany where he is a candidate but puts his hands on: If I lose, I will draw the consequences. Just like a party congress. The last time in that college (Siena) the center-left won: Pier Carlo Padoan made it by a whisker, overcoming the Eurosceptic Claudio Borghi by 4 points.

But today the game looks more complicated. Also because it is not known what the attitude of the eternal rival Matteo Renzi will be. Ettore Rosato, the engine of Iv’s organizational machine, is cautious: We are discussing it. We are waiting for the Democratic Party to ask us if the relationship with us is useful. We have a very strong regional councilor there, his name is Stefano Scaramelli. Nicola Danti, Member of the European Parliament and a major player in Renzismo in Tuscany, puts it this way: We are open to reasoning. For now, however, there are only words. We acknowledge that the 5 Stars do not want us in a coalition and we see that in all administrative offices the Democratic Party always chooses the grillini.

Italia viva, in Siena, boasts the best result at last year’s Regionals, a 6.83% thanks to the very loyal Scaramelli, who is considered a sort of vicer of the scrapper. I would advise Letta to make a call to Scaramelli repeats Renzi. Born in 1976, married, two children, employed at Monte dei Paschi, after an experience at the municipal council of Chiusi, Scaramelli makes the big leap in the Region where he is elected for the first time in 2015 (over 15 thousand preferences) and reconfirmed in 2020 Today Vice President of the Regional Council. And in fact Letta wasted no time, she immediately called him. it was an interlocutory telephone call, of mutual acquaintance, I had never spoken to him confirms the Renziano. Scaramelli warned the number one of the Democratic Party: your candidacy is legitimate but ours is also legitimate. And then you can’t think of building an alliance with a phone call.

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The fact is that the parts of Renzi have not digested the move of the Democratic Party to focus on Letta. And not only because Letta Pisano and here are very keen on parochialism. We don’t love each other so well, he jokes. But we don’t like nominations dropped from above. Renzi-Letta rivalry has nothing to do with it. If anything, I see it as a question of respect for the territory. Perhaps those of the Democratic Party did not realize that at the Regionals we took 7% with 14 lists. Imagine a three-way challenge.

Hence Iv’s idea of ​​betting on a woman. The names in the field are two: Paola Piomboni, university professor, and Eleonora Contucci, municipal councilor in Montepulciano. Both are deeply rooted in the territory, assures Scaramelli, who has the dossier in hand and could already have a confrontation with Renzi in the next few hours. Yet there are also rumors that it could be Scaramelli, the challenger Letta. Response from the person concerned: There would be no history. I would win. But I was only elected a year ago

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