Letter from Francisco Santos to Gustavo Petro

In a letter published in Infobae, Francisco Santos, Vice President of Colombia between 2002 and 2010addresses the elected president of the country, Gustavo Petro. Despite his ideological differences, the journalist was also willing to collaborate with the incoming government.

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“(Gustavo Petro), I know that we have been fiercely opposed for more than two decades. But this moment is to help build a bridge where we can meet. Without leaving aside our differences or the principles that each one proclaims, ”says Santos in his letter.

The former vice president recommends Petro “collect the spokesperson for critical issues” y “regain hope, or at least peace of mindof that half of Colombians who do not feel it today”.

Despite the good tone of the letter, Santos also proposes to Petro two paths to govern that, in his opinion, the left has taken in different countries of the world.

One describes it as totalitarian and violating human rights, with examples such as Hugo Chávez in Venezuela and Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua; and another social democratic path like Pepe Mujica in Uruguay.

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“I will wait to see what is done to be able to accompany him from afar without asking for anything in return on this trip that begins on August 7 because a clear and forceful fact is worth a thousand words,” Santos concludes in his letter.

In an interview with Semana, the former Colombian ambassador to the United States assured that the “The first challenge for the president-elect is going to be to find a way to unite this country againbut seriously, because, if not, it will end very badly” and that if Petro achieves said purpose “it will come out on the shoulders”.

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